What is the objective for Lesson 5?

During this lesson your ADI should make sure that you can correctly position your vehicle on the road for the action you are about to take.

Actions include:

  • positioning on the straight
  • cornering
  • negotiating bends
  • negotiating junctions
  • changing lanes
  • entering and exiting from slip roads
  • entering and exiting junctions
  • roundabouts
  • reversing
  • turning
  • parking
  • stopping

You should also be able to correctly position your vehicle while progressing through traffic and within traffic lanes.

What is the minimum this lesson should cover?

During this lesson, you should drive in traffic in a variety of road conditions so
that you have enough chances to position your vehicle:

  • on the straight
  • in traffic lanes
  • on bends turning left and right
  • turning left and right
  • negotiating roundabouts
  • approaching and emerging from junctions
  • reversing
  • performing a turnabout
  • parking
  • stopping in a confined space
  • stopping in traffic.

Expected outcomes: what should I have learned by the end of the Lesson 5?

At the end of the fifth lesson, you should be able to show that you can:

  • consistently maintain a safe position on the road while keeping a safe braking distance;
  • make appropriate and safe use of road sharing; and
  • perform manoeuvres (parking, reversing and turnabout) in challenging situations.



How should I prepare for Lesson 6?

To achieve the expected outcomes from Lesson 6, you should have:

  • completed Lesson 1 to Lesson 5;

Practice is key

To feel confident about meeting the learning objectives, you should also have:

  • read the expected outcomes of this lesson;
  • done enough practice with your ADI, Sponsor, or both; and
  • done any relevant study.

Specifically, you should have practised the use of correct positioning in different situations for at least three hours.

You should also have read the sections in the Rules of the Road on:

  • Correct positioning; and
  • Correct anticipation and reactions.

You should have acted on any feedback your ADI gave you at the end of your
last EDT lesson.

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